Best spots to hold a business lunch meeting in Charlotte NC

YAFO Kitchen in Plaza Midwood has patio seating for your next lunch meeting.

YAFO Kitchen in Plaza Midwood has patio seating for your next lunch meeting.

Remy Thurston

If you’re looking for the best places in Charlotte to meet — and dine — during your lunch hour, the venue choices can feel overwhelming in a city so full of good restaurants.

Lunch meetings have taken on a new look in Charlotte’s post-lockdown environment, with so many new restaurants opening and Charlotteans having to say goodbye to some old favorites. But there are still plenty of restaurants that have options for privacy, dedicated parking, ease of ordering and great food.

Here are 15 places to eat in Charlotte to host your next lunch meeting and a map of where to find them.

Bang Bang Burger

Location: 2001 E. 7th St., Suite D, Charlotte, NC 28204

Neighborhood: Elizabeth

Once you arrive, place your order at the counter, then grab a table with a little privacy if you plan to talk business after you eat. The menu is simple — great burgers, a few sandwiches, a handful of sides and a few craft beer options.

Restaurant style: Fast casual

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarians

What to know: There are more than 10 burgers and sandwiches to choose from:

  • If you’re counting carbs, order a burger bowl.

  • Vegetarians, choose between the Mushroom and Swiss Burger and the Black Bean Burger.

Getting there:

  • Parking: Bang Bang is located in a strip mall with a few other popular spots (including Sunflour Baking Co., so save room for dessert). The parking lot is shared among all the businesses, so if you can’t find a spot in front of the restaurant, check out the larger lot space around the corner from the restaurant.

If your co-workers have burgers on the mind, Bang Bang Burgers is where you should hold your next lunch meeting. Courtesy of Bang Bang Burgers

Blacow Burger Sushi Bar

Location: 517 University City Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28262

Neighborhood: University

Blacow has plenty of space and offers indoor and outdoor seating. When you enter, you’ll wait to be seated. It’ll take some time to check out the menu, so you may want to browse online beforehand or plan to spend part of your lunch hour looking at the many options of burgers, sushi and drinks.

Restaurant style: Sit down

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarian

What to know: The Blacow burger won the best burger of 2020 during the Moo and Brew craft beer and burger festival. It comes with Wagyu (Japanese Black Cow Beef), teriyaki glaze, lettuce, nori furikake (seaweed seasoning), tempura avocado and mayo.

Getting there:

  • Parking: Blacow is located in a high traffic area near hotels and chain restaurants. So, you may want to plan accordingly. There is an attached lot, so parking shouldn’t be an issue.

Blacow’s Fire Man roll is literally on fire when it comes to the table Courtesy of Blacow Burger Sushi Bar


Location: 501 E. 36th St., Charlotte, NC 28205

Neighborhood: NoDa

Once you enter the restaurant, it will feel — and smell — like you’re in New Orleans. There are little pockets of privacy throughout the restaurant. So, ask for a table that is along the perimeter and away from the entrance.

Restaurant style: Sit down

Menu good for: Meat eaters

What to know: The restaurant is in the heart of the Arts District. After lunch, take a walk through NoDa and admire the work of local artists before heading back to work.

Plan accordingly: Bordreaux’s is currently closed Monday through Wednesday until further notice.

Getting there:

  • Light rail: Take the 36th Street stop, then walk to the corner of 36th and Davidson streets, and you’ve found the restaurant.

  • Parking: NoDa is not known for its good parking options, and Boudeaux’s does not have dedicated parking. If you can’t find street parking, check out some of the garages or lots nearby, which rent by the hour. Mercury is the closest garage to the restaurant.

Common Market Oakwold

Location: 4420-A Monroe Road, Charlotte, NC 28205

Neighborhood: Oakhurst

If you’ve been in Charlotte long enough, you’ve at least heard about Common Market. Oakwold is the third location in Charlotte, and the original location in Plaza Midwood opened in 2002. When you enter the Oakwold location, decide whether you want soup, salad or a sandwich and find a seat. Once your order is ready, you can get it from the pick-up window, sit and enjoy.

Restaurant style: Fast casual, or you can select snacks from the coolers. Self-serve coffee.

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans

What to know: If you arrive early, you can check out the market for local provisions while you wait.

Getting there:

Common Market Oakwold in Oakhurst has plenty of space — and plenty of personality — for a lunch meeting. Alex Cason Photography CharlotteFive

Eastside Local Eatery

Location: 3102 Eastway Drive, Charlotte, NC 28205

Neighborhood: East Charlotte

If you’re on the east side of Charlotte for lunch and you want to be intentional about what you eat, then Eastside Local Eatery can’t be beat. The menu has a variety for vegans, vegetarians and raw eaters. There’s also an array of tea, coffee, espresso and juice options. For more privacy, when you enter, ask to be seated at the table that is furthest away from the front entrance near the back of the restaurant.

Restaurant style: Sit down

Menu good for: Vegetarians, vegans, raw

What to know: There’s a covered garden patio that comes with a view of nature, unique birdhouses and quaint tables, chairs and furnishings.

Getting there:

Eastside Local Eatery serves vegan and vegetarian food. It also has a full coffee and espresso bar with tea and juice options as well. Melissa Oyler CharlotteFive

Eight + Sand Kitchen

Location: 135 New Bern St., Retail A, Charlotte, NC 28209

Neighborhood: South End

Once your party arrives — and you decide if you want to take advantage of the patio views — you’ll be seated. Then, you can choose from a lengthy menu of locally sourced food and drink options. The brunch menu offers a selection of sandwiches and salads — and if it’s that kind of meeting, you can try one of the specialty cocktails.

Restaurant style: Sit down

Menu good for: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free

What to know: The patio seating comes with a view of the Rail Trail, which means you can hop over to extend your meeting while walking for a few minutes afterward, taking in the scenery.

Getting there:

  • Light rail: Take the Light Rail and exit at the New Bern Station.

  • Parking: There is street parking, but you have to budget in the time before your meeting to look for parking.

Eight + Sand Kitchen. Kathleen Purvis CharlotteFive

The Jerk Joint Jamaican Restaurant

Location: 4841 Shopton Road, Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28278

Neighborhood: Steele Creek

Though the space may seem small, there’s a very good chance that you and your co-worker will have the place to yourself during lunch if you arrive at noon, when it opens. When you walk in, you’re met with a menu. Once you place your order, you can choose a seat and wait for your traditional Jamaican feast.

Restaurant style: Fast casual

Menu good for: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free

What to know: if you choose the lunch portion, you likely won’t have any leftovers. So, choose wisely.

Getting there:

Libretto’s Pizzeria

Location: 15205 John J. Delaney Drive, Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28277

Neighborhood: Ballantyne

If your lunch party is in the mood for pizza, Libretto’s is where you all should plan to meet. If it’s a quick lunch, you can grab a slice of pizza — typically already prepared. If you’re extending your lunch and have time to wait, you can order a fresh pie or pasta, calzone or stromboli.

Restaurant style: Sit down

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarians

What to know: Libretto’s has daily specials. If you have your lunch meeting on a Tuesday, you can cover the tab and take advantage of the $2 slices of cheese and pepperoni pizza.

Getting there:

Maharani Indian Cuisine

Location: 901 S. Kings Drive, Charlotte, NC 28204

Neighborhood: Midtown

Maharani offers a menu full of traditional Indian cuisine. If you happen to arrive during lunch time, you may find yourself eating indoors with little company, which means you should be able to talk business in private.

Restaurant style: Sit down

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans

What to know: There are seven lunch specials, and you get to choose your spice level.

Getting there:

  • Parking: Maharani is located in a strip mall that includes other businesses. There’s a shared attached parking lot. If you can’t find parking in front of the restaurant, drive under the King’s Court sign to find more parking.

MOA Korean BBQ

Location: 128 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202

Neighborhood: Uptown

We know that not everyone is working from home. So, if you’re working near uptown and you are in the mood for authentic Korean barbecue, then you have to persuade your co-worker to try MOA for an upscale experience.

Restaurant style: Sit down

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, pescatarian

What to know: The patio is directly in front of the restaurant, which means you can catch a view of uptown.

Getting there:

MOA Korean BBQ is the perfect place for a lunch meeting in uptown if you want to make your meeting an experience. Courtesy of Sean Kim

Red Rocks Cafe

Location: 4223 Providence Road, Suite 8, Charlotte, NC 28211

Neighborhood: SouthPark/Strawberry Hill

Red Rocks Cafe offers full dine-in service and is the kind of place you’ll want to stay a while. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a bar and bakery. If you’re planning on taking a meeting here, be sure to take a long lunch so you can indulge. Pro tip: follow the Strawberry Hill location on Instagram to keep up with the weekly featured menu.

Restaurant style: Sit down

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarian, gluten free

What to know: There’s a spacious patio for outdoor dining.

Getting there:

Rhino Market & Deli

Location: 1500 W. Morehead St., Charlotte, NC 28208

Neighborhood: Wesley Heights

If you need to schedule a lunch meeting, the original Rhino Market in Wesley Heights should be high on your list. Rhino prides itself on having an atmosphere that works for all occasions. The ordering process is pretty simple — place your order at one counter and pay at the next counter. Once you choose your table, you can start talking business while you wait for your soup, salad or sandwich. The neighborhood market and deli has something for everyone, with an entire section dedicated to vegetarians.

Restaurant style: Fast casual

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans

What to know: You can also check out the market for dinner options — or lunch the following day.

Getting there:

rhino market west charlotte on west morehead
Rhino Market is the gathering spot in the FreeMoreWest area. Mark Hames/Charlotte Observer

Rice & Spice CLT

Location: 8314-901 Pineville-Matthews Road, Charlotte, NC 28226

Neighborhood: Pineville

When you enter Rice & Spice, you’re immediately transported to Thailand. This is one place that incorporates food and experience. So, if you see a table that you want for your party, tell the host. It’s typically quiet at the start of lunch, so you’ll have some privacy. The Thai street food menu is extensive and full of flavor.

Restaurant style: Sit down

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, gluten free

What to know: The atmosphere is welcoming, and there’s also full bar service.

Getting there:

  • Parking: Rice & Spice may be difficult to find without your GPS. It’s located behind the Burlington on Pineville-Matthews Road. From Pineville-Matthews, turn on McMullen Creek Parkway and you’ll drive up on the attached parking lot.

Rice & Spice Thai Street Food is an ideal place for authentic Thai food and privacy during your next lunch meeting. Ebony Morman

Viva Chicken

Location: 11641 Waverly Center Drive, Suite K1, Charlotte, NC 28277

Neighborhood: Waverly

If you’re in the mood for something fresh, Viva Chicken — known for its Peruvian rotisserie chicken — is the place for you. You and your co-worker can conquer the meeting, eat a wholesome meal and not feel guilty about it afterward. The menu is full of sandwiches, salads and wraps. Since you’re being intentional about your meal, perhaps you can split a “sweet thing” — churros or tres leches.

Restaurant style: Sit down

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarians

What to know: If you purchase a churro, you can provide up to five meals for a child in need.

Getting there:

Viva Chicken’s menu is great for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Viva Chicken via Jennifer Austin Photography

YAFO Kitchen

Location: 1331 Central Ave. #101, Charlotte, NC 28205

Neighborhood: Plaza Midwood

YAFO has build-your-own options but if you don’t feel like being creative, they have you covered. The chef’s featured entrees allow you to enter and order with ease. It’s a fairly simple menu that highlights Mediterranean street food, but depending on the experience you choose, there’s an opportunity to taste some amazing flavors.

Restaurant style: Fast casual

Menu good for: Meat eaters, vegetarians

What to know: The chef’s featured entrees eliminates the decision-making process, saving time during your lunch hour.

Getting there:

Parking: The parking lot that YAFO shares with other businesses isn’t vast. If you can’t find a spot in front of the restaurant, you can try driving around the lot to find a space. There’s also street parking available on Clement Avenue.

YAFO Kitchen’s menu has build-your-own options, making it easy to accommodate varying food needs during a business lunch. Remy Thurston

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